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  • lorenzo Luciano slowly bur surely inraptured is getting more active again. Love it :)
    Feb 18

  • Surrender Boy Hello All. i used to be a active member here many years ago, and in my limited internet experience this page is the greatest place for hypnosis lovers, and supreme Mistress adorers :) The amount of super star Mistresses here is fantastic. And it very much seems like a place where we support each other, and help out. Have a great day all!
    Jun 11

  • me chan For those who celebrate it today, happy 4th of July. May your Independence Day be happy and joyous, especially for those who find themselves willingly dependent on an irresistible female voice, visage, or will.
    Jul 4

  • L2A Writes Thanks to the site managers for this new setting, which at least for me means much less time to download background and posts on my screen, and navigate from page to page! Then, aesthetics is all too subjective :-)
    Jun 15

  • Mistress Candice Very nice new look!
    Jun 15

  • Mistress Dark Freya Samples to many of my erotic hypnosis sessions are also available on Soundcloud: - Including two of my FREE hypnosis sessions.
    Wed at 5:16 AM