• TheGoddess Simone

    What type of sissy are you?

    Posted by TheGoddess Simone May 24 - 3 votes - 209 views
    Discrete about the lifestyle or perhaps you're surrounded by a community of respectful non judgmental support. The best of both worlds maybe?
  • me chan

    Favorite Hypnosis in Media Source

    Posted by me chan Jan 7 - 13 votes - 484 views
    Before the advent of finding it on the internet, what was your favorite source for finding or discovering femdom hypnosis? (Note: Animated shows or manga are covered in television/movies and comics)
  • me chan

    Halloween Fantasies

    Posted by me chan October 29, 2018 - 21 votes - 684 views
    If you had your choice this year for what kind of supernatural, mythical being takes you into a uniquely deep hypnotic trance, or If you're a femdom hypnotist and would like to become one of these beings for a night to toy with and enslave your prey, Which would it be?
  • me chan

    Hypnotic Modalities

    Posted by me chan September 22, 2018 - 20 votes - 790 views
    For those who've experienced hypnosis, which modality do you find yourself responding to the most?