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Lady Jessica's Review

Excellent Hypnotist and More

Reviewed by me chan (See all my reviews) Jan 3 - 49 views - Tags: #Lady Jessica
Lady Jessica is one of the finest hypnotists and hypno-community members I've ever had the pleasure of meeting, speaking to, and falling under for.

The kind of personality you can be drawn to and trust, the kind of mind and voice that subtly but surely will make you focus and relax deeply, and want to focus and relax even deeper.

She is a wonderful Queen of Dreams, and so glad she's real too.
Very hypnotic, ethical, friendly, creative, caring, amazing.
Eventually she might stop talking.
I would recommend this member to a friend!
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  • Duck Drake
    Duck Drake I know what you mean by "glad she's real". For a while I assumed she was all a dream or a fantasy :)

    But she turned out to be a genuine and genuinely nice person who does genuinely amazing things. Sometimes without me even noticing!