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Ms. Reign's Review


Reviewed by British Leyland (See all my reviews) Jan 7 - 412 views
First off, Ms. Reign is a a real genuine person. She immediately comes across as genuine and authentic. Secondly Ms. Reign is a very talented hypnotist and powerful Lady.

Ms. Reign as taken me places i have never gone before becoming, places i didn't think i even believed possible, however always fantasized about. i guess one could say Ms. Reign can make fantasy reality! Ms. Reign always practices in a safe way, i'm not sure how, but Ms. Reign has a way about Her, where you can have your limits expanded at the same time.

Ms. Reign will get in every fiber of your brain and you will strongly yearn for more. You will become compelled for more contact and to please Ms. Reign…… And it feels so good. you will be so very happy about it!
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