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Sapphire Rain's Review

The Sapphiric Princess

Reviewed by me chan (See all my reviews) Jan 11 - 59 views - Tags: #hypnotist #Princess #Sapphire Rain
Sapphire Rain, or Princess as I've come to know her as, is simply one of the best hypnotists I've ever had the pleasure of meeting, talking to, and listening to when she really gets in a hypnotic mood. She really surprised me how natural and effective her voice was at inducing a powerful trance. Love how dominant, creative, and convincing she can be of lots of things without ever feeling lower or invalidated, as well as respectful of others, whether sub or dominant.

As I learned over time, she's been and continues to be a big part of the community, from HypnotizeMe to Inraptured, and now it feels like it's always been a richer community with her around, especially for all she's done for the site up to now.

Overall a wonderful, friendly, absolutely female dominant hypnotist who's a pleasure to communicate with in any sense.
-Amazing hypnotist, of course.
-Friendly, ethical, fun to talk to.
-Very much an ardent supporter and practictioner of femdom hypnosis.
-Cant' think of any
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  • S. B.
    S. B. Nicely written, me-chan. I can't help but agree.
    Jan 12
  • Otter
    Otter I can only echo what S.B and me-chan have written.
    9 hours ago