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Lady Krystal Mesmer = Hypnotic, Dominating, & much more than that awaits to Allure

"How do I love thee? Let me count the ways." Elizabeth Barrett Browning inscribed these memorable lines within love poetry's lore.
How enthralling is Lady Krystal Mesmer? None, nor all in toto, can fathom nor even commence to tally the barest beginnings of Her innumerable, ensorcelling ways.

During my first FemDom hypnotism timelessness with Lady Krystal, at one crucial point i heard in my head repetitions of a significant phrase which neither She nor i said all the while She sensuously spellbound me to and with Her willpower of persuasiveness is so much stronger than my will.

Lady Krystal Mesmer most definitely surpasses the expectations conjured up by Her names and titles.

There is much more to marvelous Krystal Mesmer than what She admits to.

The more one knows about Goddess Krystal Mesmer, the more one yearns to learn even more about Her. And the more you learn about Her, the more you realize there is so much more about Her which remains enigmatic wrapped within labyrinths of riddles and cloaked inside Byzantine mazes of mysteries.

Goddess Mesmer's zest for life is simply irresistible.

Lady Mesmer is eager to explore, embrace, enhance, and enjoy Herself, Her life, and Her world.

Krystal adores discovering what makes someone tick.

Lady Krystal knows things about me which no one else knows. And She has brought certain things out of me that i never considered giving any credence to before i knew Her Hypnotizing Highness.

Thanks to my momentous and unforgettable experiences, interactions, and conversations with Goddess Krystal Mesmer, She has opened me up to the worlds of FemDom hypnotizing, sensual domination, BDSM, etc.

She captivates, guides, [and when She elects to] controls the heart, soul, mind, and senses. There is much more to Her than what meets and mesmerizes the eyes and the mind's eye.
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