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Princess Kasha teaches you the stages of trance.

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Product Description

The App-Rousal system puts control of trance and arousal right in the palm of Princess Kasha’s hand. It accesses the infrastructure implanted during the Supplicant application process, uses priority examination equipment to see deeply into all of your responses, and is initialized through a series of linguist programming sessions.
App-Rousal: Calibration sets the values for both the Entrancement and Arousal spectrums. Princess Kasha will lead and teach on the Stages of Trance with a series of relaxing exercises designed to get you to Stage Zero, and keep you there. In the second calibration phase, Princess Kasha will experiment with your Arousal by inviting you to imagine a series of scenarios.
App-Rousal: Calibration is mandatory listening for all Good Treasure Candidates, and it is recommended that many repetitions will be both pleasurable and powerful. Take responsibility for your civic duty today!


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