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Augmented Reality


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Fulfilling your civic duty has never been as erotic as it is on Planet U4IA!

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Augmented Reality: a such penetrating propaganda that it isn’t just brainwashing, it’s brain scouring. Carefully crafted layers of Princess Kasha’s entrancing voice will completely envelop you in a compelling experience of obedience and arousal.


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    In this file, Princess Kasha expands upon the U4IA experience, an erotically charged augmented reality in which Her subjects and Her live in a perfect symbiosis; enabling one another to live out their innermost fantasies and thereby enriching each other’s lives.

    The focus of App-rousal may have been to turn you on mercilessly in order to train you, but the erotic aspects here are far more subtle. Princess Kasha lets the innate sexiness of Her voice work on Her cock, using several vocal layers to enhance its effectiveness. And it is very effective.

    But the goal here is something much deeper. Something much more satisfying. Cementing the groundwork for a mutually beneficial relationship between you and Princess Kasha – two people coming together to become something extraordinary. This is an incredible experience, and believe me, Princess Kasha makes every second of it worthwhile.

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