Brain Chip – Implant


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The first of three sessions of My “Brain Chip” mission, in which My “Chip” will be implanted. This SEXY CONTROL CHIP is ESSENTIAL and absolutely necessary to your training.

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Length: 37 minutes

Like a mad scientist with a mission, I having been perfecting My brain chip. I am sooo excited, I’ll soon have My very own Human Android. ***GIGGLES*** This chip is ESSENTIAL and absolutely necessary to your training…without this chip you will not be properly programmed.

With this session I will Implant the chip. Once Implanted it can never be removed. I will have full access and able to activate the control chip at all times. I will track you and place programs into your brain whenever I want. This is going to be so sexy. My panties are wet, just thinking of all the insane things that I will do to you.

This is the first of three sessions included in this mission.

This CHIP is ESSENTIAL and you must act with urgency to listen. This is a COMPULSION.

Note: If you have not yet listened to “Journey To Enslavement” do so. Although not pre-required listening, the series is a perfect cocktail to this mission.


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