Deepening Hypnosis


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Deepen your erotic Trance!

Let Lady Surrender entice you with her calming voice and drop you deep into trance. She will condition your mind to be ready for her hypnotic suggestions and strengthen your desire for submission.

Product Description

Entranced & enticed into deepening hypnosis!

This erotic hypnosis journey will program your mind to deepen that delicious feeling of drifting, floating into my hypnotic control. Knowing that you want this as much as I want this. You want to feel my control gradually deepening and strengthening over your mind & body.

The deepening hypnosis trigger phrase intensively conditions and programs your mind & body to accept all my hypnotic suggestions on deeper and deeper levels. The “deepening hypnosis” MP3 is the foundation file for a series of upcoming loop recordings. It will condition you to effectively receive my hypnotic suggestions contained in these loop recordings.

This MP3 can also be used as a stand alone file that deepens hypnotic trance and strengthens your desire for submission.


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Professionally trained, I offer erotic hypnosis that will satisfy that ache deep inside you to be understood. Once you begin the erotic hypnosis sessions, your mind will focus more and more on the powerful feelings that flow from the hypnotic trance, until your mind is consumed with desire for more and more delicious, deviant hypnosis. Expect enslavement, excitement and a heightening of your innermost desires.

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