Feminine Breasts


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Eroticize your Breasts & Nipples!

Are you dreaming of feeling like a woman? Feeling your feminine breasts and nipples rubbing against your bra, turning you on, teasing you… This file is packed with 20+ hypnotic suggestions that will make your dreams come true. What are you waiting for?

Product Description

Feel your sexy nipples rub against your bra!

Sexy feminine breasts and nipples… that flood your body with arousal… that turn you on… that rub against your bra… Having you longing for more… arousal… longing for more teasing… longing for release!

Perhaps you are fully “out” as a sissy, tg or femme… or perhaps you live a secret life… dreaming of feeling like a woman.

Drawing on My training as a therapist, and My experience as a hypnoDomme, I have created an intensive Feminization Program.

This erotic Feminine Breasts hypnosis will give you sexy, erotic breasts and nipples. This file is the latest recording of my Feminization Program, it continues My tradition of intensive, layered and complex hypnosis. There are more than 20+ hypnotic suggestions/trigger phrases in this hypnosis… conditioning… hypnotizing… feminizing… and eroticizing your breasts and nipples… leading to a delicious sexy, teasing release.

I love using the same hypnotic suggestions and trigger phrases in My live sessions… and listening to the delighted squeals and sighs as My feminine subjects respond to My hypnosis.

This recording is gender neutral. I use no specific femme labels – So a sissy, a tg, or a genetic girl … all could successfully use this hypnosis to eroticize their breasts and nipples.


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Professionally trained, I offer erotic hypnosis that will satisfy that ache deep inside you to be understood. Once you begin the erotic hypnosis sessions, your mind will focus more and more on the powerful feelings that flow from the hypnotic trance, until your mind is consumed with desire for more and more delicious, deviant hypnosis. Expect enslavement, excitement and a heightening of your innermost desires.

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