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This free erotic hypnosis will teach you how to drop deeper into a relaxing trance. Let Dark Freya train you to be able to fall into trance easier and faster and to accept positive suggestions more effectively.

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Fractionated & Mindfucked into deep Trance!

In this free erotic hypnosis, I will drop you deep into trance. Fractionate you until the border between dream and reality will melt away and it becomes easy for me to wrap my words around your mind and take complete control over you.

Once you are completely helpless, I will turn my voice into a trigger that easily drops you into a deep trance, whenever you listen to any of my recordings in the future.

Listen to the full hypnosis for free now at https://hypno-erotic.com/fractionated/

46:35 Minutes


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I love to create new hypnotic fantasies, it’s my passion. I’ve done it for a long time now, and my fascination with it only grows. This project is my attempt to turn my passion into a profession.

I have a very strict ethical code for what I do. Some people tend to forget that the first step of being a dom is taking responsibility. You will never find any surprises in my recordings, only exactly what the description says. I would never addict you to me, just to sell a few more recordings. There will also never be any findom in any of my recordings.

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