Gay Hypnosis 3


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In this hypnotic session, Lady Surrender will train you to be a proper bottom bitch. You will follow all her commands, learn to worship cock and start craving to drop down to offer your oral servitude, whenever you can.

Product Description

Transformed from straight to bottom bitch! – PART 3

One look at you and I know all your deepest darkest secrets!

I know what you do – late at night – while you catch up on “office work”… you watch gay porn & crave to serve cock.

I know exactly who you are. I know exactly WHAT you are… you are my secret bottom bitch!

In this erotic hypnosis, I am taking control of your subconscious mind and will turn you into a cock craving bottom bitch.

I have extensive experience turning subjects from straight to bottom bitches. Including turning straight Doms to gay & implanting false memories to believe they have always been always gay.


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Professionally trained, I offer erotic hypnosis that will satisfy that ache deep inside you to be understood. Once you begin the erotic hypnosis sessions, your mind will focus more and more on the powerful feelings that flow from the hypnotic trance, until your mind is consumed with desire for more and more delicious, deviant hypnosis. Expect enslavement, excitement and a heightening of your innermost desires.

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