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Image Enslavement


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There’s a deep need inside of you to be controlled my Treasure. A deep burning ache for a dominant Goddess to take command of your experience of sexuality.

Sold By Kasha Shakti

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There’s a deep need inside of you to be controlled my Treasure. A deep burning ache for a dominant Goddess to take command of your experience of sexuality.
You are so aroused when you listen to my voice. My voice makes everything ten times more arousing. The power of arousal is overwhelming. My power over you is overwhelming. Any time you feel turned on by anything you are feeling the power of Kasha Shakti’s control over you growing deeper and deeper.

It’s so easy to accept that you need to obey Kasha Shakti. You need to worship Kasha Shakti. You need to please and spoil Kasha Shakti. You exist in service to Kasha Shakti. This makes you feel good. This makes you feel aroused. This makes you feel complete.

In this session I am going to enhance your practice of deep adoration by implanting a series of commands that will make it impossible for you to look at sexy images or read erotic material without also listening to the sound of my voice. I will train you so that whenever you are listening to my voice erotic images will make you more and more deeply aroused and receptive than ever before. My design in planting these commands and suggestions will be to erode your will to resist my control on an even deeper level by increasing the degree to which you always associate the experience of arousal with intense surrender to my hypnotic power.

Each time your eyes become captivated by an erotic image you will fall deeper and deeper into my control.
The power you feel from each image is the power of your Goddess taking total control of your arousal. It will be irresistible to listen to the sound of my voice any time you are looking at images that make you feel aroused.

It feels right to listen to my voice while you are feeling turned on by sexy images and it would feel so wrong to view sexy images without my voice. Without my voice these images feel empty and meaningless.

After the recording begins I’m going to want you to browse some images that turn you on Treasure. The more you allow these images to arouse you and make your cock hard the deeper you will fall into hypnotic surrender for me.

I have included a second audio file along with this download. The main recording has an induction and additional commands but the other audio file is just a perfect brainwashing loop that you can listen to ANY time you are viewing sexy images. This will become your default brainwashing file. Any time you feel like browsing sexy images you will loop this file while you allow those images to arouse you. You may listen to any of my other recordings instead if you like but unless you specifically decide to listen to one of my other recordings in the background you will always loop this default brainwashing file any time you are using your eyes to experience sexual arousal.


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Regarding the name Kasha, I’ll bet I can tell you a few things about it you didn’t know:

Firstly, in ancient Sumerian it means Gate (ka) of the Bird (sha)

In ancient Egyptian it means Spirit (ka) of Good Fortune (sha)

In terms of gematria (giving each letter of the alphabet a number) it adds up to 40 – which is the sacred number of Ea/Enki, the Sumerian/Babylonian god of the waters, and also as you know the number 40 comes up often in the Bible (40 days and nights for the ark at sea), 40 years in the wilderness for the Jews etc etc. Symbolically, 40 represents the completion of a cycle of ordeal.

In Sansksrit kasha means a touchstone…

Kasha Elizabeth, J.D., comes to art by way of really not wanting to be a lawyer.

A lifelong artist, she is always playing with materials to explore new ways of creating beautiful things. Currently, some of her focuses include deconstructing and recontextualizing visual elements, creating by-products of the worlds of the fantastic, and pushing the limits of glitter as an artistic medium.

Many of her canvases collage elements from comic books, combining pointed social commentary with intriguing beauty, while others are shiny works intended to simply be pleasantly emotionally evocative. The only universal element in her constantly evolving style is use of color in a way that communicates viscerally.

While not making art or artistically hypnotizing people over the internet, Kasha’s passions include soaking up new experiences, playing games, soaking in hot tubs, and replacing Pirate/Ninja with Alien/Human/Robot.

She currently lives in a town north of Seattle, and she travels extensively with her canine companion and protector, Carly.

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