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Optimized Subject


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“Optimized Subject” is both connected to other recordings in the Planet U4IA world and complete as a stand-alone session.

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Product Description

“Optimized Subject” takes advantage of the link between limiting self-touch and hypnotic susceptibility to enhance both. As a part of U4IA’s arousal technology development, this protocol experiments with several new features of interest.

Most significantly, music plays a role in the session more or less equal to the verbal instructions. Those two pieces have been woven together with precise timing to reinforce the sexual and hypnotic power of each. To maximize the impact of the full soundscape used, it is vital to listen with the best headphones you have available.

Another improvement relates to attempting to develop language about aroused bodies that is more inclusive, while still feeling sexily specific. This is accomplished in “Optimized Subject” though using the word “cockbrain” to mean the combination of parts of your body that feel sexual to you, and a primal, intense form of sexual arousal. While more perfect solutions might exist, I really enjoy saying “cock.”

A unique aspect of this training is that it contains no prohibitions to you being touched by someone other than yourself! Inspired by a Special Subject, this feature is designed to be particularly useful to those whose sexual diet is adapted to take into account the needs of a partner.

“Optimized Subject” is both connected to other recordings in the Planet U4IA world and complete as a stand-alone session. Designed to be listened to repeatedly, and to create a layer of U4IA in every aspect of your life.


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    In Optimized Subject, Princess Kasha implants a simple but thoroughly inescapable trigger – you cannot touch Her cock without Her permission. I was first exposed to this command in Her Goddess file Break the Habit, and it’s extremely effective. So it’s no surprise that I was delighted to see it being implemented here as a core command for all U4IA citizens.

    Music prominently features in this file too, and it really enhances things. The music crescendos as Princess Kasha turns up the heat and quietens during the tamer parts of the file – a simple effect that I found added to my arousal immeasurably. I have no idea why. There’s just something so primal about Princess’ sexy voice paired with the driving rhythm.

    So, all in all, another terrific U4IA file, that feels entirely different to the three that precede it.

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