The Dream Date



The date that your inner girl has always dreamed of. Experince how it feels to free your femininity and go on a date with the perfect man – And yes, you will end up at his place. He will behave like a true gentleman when he f*cks you.

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Product Description

The perfect blind date!

In this recording, you will experience your perfect sissy dream date. A good female friend will set you up for a blind date, and help you to look your best for it. As soon as you are ready, it’s time for your blind date.

The man you are going to meet is the perfect gentleman, treating you like a lady, conquering you, and finally taking you… You will experience the perfect blind date, just the way every little girl dreams about it.

You will be this little girl, and experience it first hand.


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I love to create new hypnotic fantasies, it’s my passion. I’ve done it for a long time now, and my fascination with it only grows. This project is my attempt to turn my passion into a profession.

I have a very strict ethical code for what I do. Some people tend to forget that the first step of being a dom is taking responsibility. You will never find any surprises in my recordings, only exactly what the description says. I would never addict you to me, just to sell a few more recordings. There will also never be any findom in any of my recordings.

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