The Siren’s Call


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Legends surround the call of the Siren, and this session is a bit dangerous as it’ll be hard for you to resist cumming for your mistress. Although a bit different from Scarlet’s usual induction style, this short masturbatory treat is a sweet gift that will test your ability to surrender and your ability to fall deeply for your mistress with only a few words. Written by a very good boy for his own pleasure… Scarlet couldn’t resist spoiling the incredible Patreon boys with the same enticing hypnotic gift. To enjoy this soothing yet commanding session, all you’ll need is 15 minutes…some lube and the desire to relinquish control to Scarlet.

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Become a patron, and for 5 dollars a month, receive this session for ‘free’, along with a hand full of other erotic hypnosis files in our google drive.

Length: 13:04
Voice: Scarlet

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Mia Croft is a wicked seductress whose erotic flame is fueled by her passion for Femdom. You’ll effortlessly fall under her spell and there’s nowhere else you’d rather be. She’ll cast a hypnotic net, willingly capturing you in trance with her commanding voice, where pleasure knows no bounds. You can’t help but trust this Queen of Mind Control and her specialty in Tease and Denial will leave you begging to be one of her loyal subjects. Having studied the art of hypnotherapy, she’s not your average hypno mistress. She’ll navigate the inner sanctums of your mind, seducing your psyche with a snap of her well-manicured fingers and will envelope your subconscious with arousing whispers leaving you wondering what just happened.

Scarlet Bordeaux is your sweet, but alluringly sexy girl-next-door. She’s the lady in the streets and the naughty minx in the sheets. She’s the girl you take home to mom, but the sultry woman who’ll whisper in your ear that she isn’t wearing panties under her skirt on the way there. She’s a bit of a switch, meaning she’ll teasingly let you dominate her, before she playfully dominates you. She’ll flirtatiously take you deep under hypnosis, engulfing you in her pleasureful sweetness as she commands you to be her hypnotic lover. When you least expect it, your cock will be rock hard by her unforeseen edgy side that will exhilarate and leave you breathless for more.

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