You will cum!


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The forced orgasm!

For the duration of this erotic hypnosis session, you will submit to Lady Tara. Every snap of her fingers will make you cum, if you want to or not! And afterward… she will have a little “slave task” for you. Become Lady Tara’s hypno-toy now!

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Surrender to Lady Tara & Cum on Her Command!

In this erotic hypnosis, you will be bound by Lady Tara’s soft & sensual voice. With every snap of her fingers, you will cum – if you want to or not, does not matter. For the duration of this hypnosis, you will be her slave – Her hypnotic slave!

After listening to this session, you will have to face your slave task: You will fall on your knees and become so aroused that you will have to masturbate. After you cum, you will – if you want to or not – lick everything clean for your mistress.

This recording does not have any posthypnotic suggestions. After you ate all your cum, you will be master of your own will again.


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