He slowly approached her not knowing this was the first steps that will change his life forever.

“H-hey,” he said trying to come off cool but slightly stumbling on the word.

She slowly looks up from her book and catches his gaze. Her gaze piercing through his

“What brings you here,” she asked with a sly smile on her lips.

He was stuck there unable to say anything; her captivating brown eyes had him in a slight trance.

“Sit down,” she said calmly, which he obediently obliged.

“I know what brought you here,” she said still piercing him with her eye. She slowly got up and walked away. Glanced back at him one last time as she reached the door, “Come here tomorrow,” she commanded as she opened the door and left him there completely dumbfounded.

He showed up shortly after the shop opened up and ordered coffee and took a sit in the seat furthest from the door and waited for her to show up. After a couple of hours waiting there, he started to wonder why he was there and why he is still waiting there. A few more hours passed by with still no sign of her, he was started to get anxious now seriously thinking about leaving, but for some reason he couldn’t bring himself  to do so.

Finally an half an hour before the shop closed she came walking in with a glow in her face and sat down in the same place she was the other day. She beckoned him over to her and told him to sit down, which he did without a second thought. She reached into her purse and pulled out and slid envelopment toward him. He opened it slowly and pulled out the papers in it. The first thing he saw was in big bold letters was “Slave Contract.”

“What is this,” he asked

“A contract to be my slave for the rest of the year,” she said calmly. “Oh I noticed that you have been waiting here for me since the shop opened, good boy”

He was very nervous and he couldn’t get the words “good boy” out of his head. He looked back up to her face and so she was holding a piercing and calm gaze at him, but it was also very warm and inviting. After a couple of minutes of silence, she got back up and gracefully walked away. She stopped at the door to looking back at him to say, “Don’t worry, you don’t have to sign it and if you do there is no obligation to sign any new contracts.”

With those words she was gone knowing that he was going to sign the contract and with that he would forever be bound to her.