The current state of Inraptured was a temporary measure put up when the old site went offline. When the site went down there were no back ups available. I want to thank Maurice for his hard work creating this temporary solution since there was no back up.

Going forward, I would like to go back to the way the site was when using Social Engine. As most of you probably know I now own Inraptured.  When the site legally changed ownership, all of the usage rights for Social Engine, the chat room, and the forums were not able to transfer.

I have acquired a license for social engine.  However, since I don’t have a working knowledge of setting it up, I will have to hire someone to help.

Once the site is rebuilt, I will work on getting the chatroom next. Once that is done, I will then get the forums going.

In the past, people donated so that Maurice could purchase things for the site. However, there were concerns about how the funds were being used.  To avoid any such issues, I don’t want to receive donations. IF members wish to donate, or crowdfund in order to help make improvements and present the site with licenses for modules or improvements, that would be appreciated.

Once the structure is rebuilt we will focus on rebuilding the community together.  In the future I would like to see us get back to focusing on the interactions between members and Dommes and celebrating this wonderful fetish we share.

This hasn’t been easy for the community but I hope we can work together to rebuild Inraptured and make it a haven for Femdomme hypnosis in the future.

I will keep the community updated on the progress. Please feel free to send me your suggestions for rebuilding the site.


  1. Spiraleyes

    I wasn’t aware that you were the new site owner. Knowing that helps me feel more positive about Inraptured than I have for some time. I lack both technical knowledge and money at the moment, but may be able to make small donations as the summer progresses and my workload increases. I believe that this site can return to better times and be better than ever, but it will need careful nurturing. Sorry I don’t have anything more specific. Hopefully words of encouragement are sufficient for now.

  2. smuthunter2007

    This is going to sound corny, but it’s important, you’ll get more out of saying ‘forward’ and ‘become’ as opposed to ‘backward’ and ‘return’.
    The is because when you look back, the past will always seem better than the present or the future.

    As someone who has never been on staff now or then, but who argued with and for a lot of features and policies to promote fairness and focus, I can say there is always a better version and always a way to improve and grow.

  3. Mary

    You need the money to rebuild the site. I suggest just setting up an easy way to donate to the cause. It does not matter what questions there where in the past when others were running the site. People know it will take money to make it happen.