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  • Posted: August 11, 2023
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you can't resist My SHINY SILVER SOMNAMBULISM trigger that infiltrates your mind with the SHINE of My Light DIVINE. My blinding beams of beauty blast your bbrainnsy with My Shiny sleepy hypno spell as you are lulled into a lullaby of sleepy clicky. you submit in becoming My somnambulist sleeper slave, as I surreptitiously trigger your total surrender to My SHINE!
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  • jarod whitestaff
    jarod whitestaff Blessed silver bullets slay werewolves, they say. Her Shiny Silver Somnambulism Hexing Hypno-Spells Sorceries are among the Enthralling Arsenals of The DIAMOND DIVA PRINCESS's Charms sway paypigs to do Her bidding & swing waylaid wallet zombies under Her...  more
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