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  • $24.99
    Breathless - Fractionation, breath control, edging JOI

    I take complete control, mind and body, controlling your brain, controlling your breathing, controlling your cock. Instructions: Find yourself an aroma that you enjoy, following along with me as...  more
  • $125.00
    you can't resist My SHINY SILVER SOMNAMBULISM trigger that infiltrates your mind with the SHINE of My Light DIVINE. My blinding beams of beauty blast your bbrainnsy with My Shiny sleepy hypno spell as you are lulled into a lullaby of sleepy clicky. you...  more
  • $100.00
    your Good Boy Therapy is now in session! I will be leading you through the steps to discover what it truly means to be a GOOD BOY. My hypnotherapy session will be such a treat for your mind and My words will define what you need to know. you are such a...  more
  • $100.00
    This super simple and super dangerous hypno BRAINWASH MIND CONTROL mp3 triggers you to spend it ALL on ME! you LOVE what I’m doing to your bbrainn, I make it SO easy peasy to let go and give IN. Enter LOOPLAND now, as My Hypno Tithing program is...  more
  • $100.00
    In this post-hypnotic trigger mp3 I condition your mind to the fact that ALL your HUNDRED DOLLAR BILLS want to be MINE! If you were your *hundred dollar bills* you KNOW you would want to be MINE. Like you and I both know it's true, your *hundred dollar...  more
  • $100.00
    Super repetitive and ultra SIMPLE, so simple that even you can understand! you're SO stupid for ME....... so so stupid for Me. you'll do whatever I say, whatever I say.. loaded with superliminal binaurals and PAYPAYPAY triggers.. Listen NOW
  • $100.00
    Like omg My REMEMBER trigger is just what you need. Listen now to this SUBLIMINAL ACTIVATOR. It just makes sense to listen. you don't want to forget, you asked Me to remind you. It's a Very Good Thing to listen now and remember!
  • $100.00
    With My new Pavlovian Piggy Salivate TRIGGER I will embed My classical conditioning PAVLOVIAN program in your empty head. Every time you hear Me say this trigger phrase you will respond by implicitly doing My bidding. This response will be immediate and...  more
  • $100.00
    Listen Very Carefully! This mp3 will install the *NOD* in your head. With My trigger in your brain I'm rewiring your mind. Listening to My Golden Voice your IQ drops as your head NODS. The further it drops, the deeper you fall. When your head is nodding,...  more
  • $100.00
    Exploiting YOUR weakness.. devouring your mind as you succumb *NUMB* to the allure of My hypnotic programming. When you hear the dulcet tones of My Golden Voice you forget everything else. Everything in the whole wide world drifts away and all you can...  more
  • $100.00
    you won't remember what you forgot when AMNESIA hits you! This confusion induction is SO powerful, ONE little word from Me and your head goes spinning as your thoughts evaporate!
    What was it that you told me? you've already forgotten. LISTEN NOW
  • $18.99
    Find yourself floating away on my voice, my eyes and entranced with my voluptuous body encased in latex. I adore controlling your mind, controlling your cock, controlling your orgasms.
  • $100.00
    With this enticing hypno trigger I will surreptitiously begin the erasing of your mind, now My empty slate, ready for My clean install! My subliminals, binaurals, and superliminals effortlessly remove everything from your mind, until your little...  more
  • $29.95
    The sleepy, dreamy, drowsy void growing inside your head, slowly spinning around and around, swallowing up your mind, all of your mind destined to be inside the slowly spinning void, deeper and deeper you fall now as all resistance disappears. No...  more
  • $150.00
    The iconic Beverly Hills Hotel is the Crown Jewel of Beverly Hills, renowned the world over. Everything we have come to recognize as the glittering majesty of Hollywood and movie stars emanated from this one spot.

    Here I am staying at The Beverly Hills...  more
  • $48.99
    You are seeking to draw power from a higher source other than what you lack. You have tried other alternatives and yet you are right back where you started. You know you powerless to perform or satisfy another with so little or nothing at all. Finally,...  more
  • $100.00
    Per popular request: "Deep trance with a trigger that turns you into a blubbering idiot, you can't stop telling Princess your secrets" - Lmao you are going to LOVE this, you KNOW you want to be My Babbling Blubbering Idiot! Who's a silly little dumdum...  more
  • $30.00
    This file is for all those boys who never quite grew up and still wet the bed at night. This positive and reassuring session will ensure that your bedwetting problem will last for the rest of your life and help you to understand that you need to wear...  more
  • $15.00
    This loop is designed to be listened to as you sleep or go about your day. It is effective alongside all Mistress Clarissa’s other files. It is intended to deepen your pantyhose fetish so that Mistress Clarissa can use it to control you and lead you to...  more
  • CEI

    This file will deepen your submission and addiction to Mistress Clarissa’s soft voice and sensual control. You will love feeling so humiliated and powerless to resist her instructions and it will quickly become second nature to want to lick up after...  more