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  • $24.99
    Breathless - Fractionation, breath control, edging JOI

    I take complete control, mind and body, controlling your brain, controlling your breathing, controlling your cock. Instructions: Find yourself an aroma that you enjoy, following along with me as...  more
  • $18.99
    Find yourself floating away on my voice, my eyes and entranced with my voluptuous body encased in latex. I adore controlling your mind, controlling your cock, controlling your orgasms.
  • $14.99
    I know your deepest desires, to be encased in my powerful bondage. You enjoy the feeling, hugged tightly by my velvet ropes, so snug and secure in the feeling of being owned.

    You feel me wrapping my velvet ropes around you as you feel my power...  more
  • $10.99
    Forget everything but my voice, giving in completely, as if your former life is the distant memory of a dream. Nothing exists but this moment. Your breathing, your heart, your brainwaves all synchronize with my voice. Ten minutes of hypnotic ecstasy.