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Blade Stunner

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  • by Sub Zero
  • April 24, 2018
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Nurse Queen has the highest degree in hypnotic brain surgery. Her sedative voice turns you numb, sweeps perception instantly away and cuts off cognitive processes like a sharp scalpel. After silencing your consciousness, she can proceed to grope and manipulate your open mind just as she desires. Her thoughts will replace your thoughts, her objective becomes your objective.
I find the power of this session in the calm and confident style, it strips inhibitions off before I have my slave butt laid on the operation table. I also experience loss of memory and time with this file when the conditions and my mood are favorable. You couldn't leave your brain in better hands!

I recommend this with "Clinic", because it shares some of the content and the medical theme.
- Memory loss
- Behavior modification
- Nanobots
- Yes!
- Nice Background whispers
- Soothing, calm voice...

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