QUEEN is everywhere

When someone becomes an hypnotic subject to an hypnotic Master, it is natural to feel light headed and excited, while going under the session, and it evolves to a empty headed slavery while we wait patiently for the Master´s voice to fill in with thoughts. With HYPNO QUEEN powerful hypnosis it works exactly like that but (for me) with two adittional powerful add ons, first HYPNO QUEEN has some supernatural power, HER voice and words are not simply that, i mean they carry something deeper and more powerful that dissolves any resistance to HER will to subjugate us, and secondly after several continue listenings my thoughts were replaced by HYPNO QUEEN´s thoughts with HER own voice commanding my thinking process, once this started i knew i was screwed forever. Now HER superior voice thinks for me. This recording was one of those which helped me a lot to shut up and obey.
Mental meltdown

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