Madame Jade Paris's Album: ULTRAVIOLET VIXEN

** I hope you are ready for this ** I had a dream last night….a lucid dream. In this dream, a wizard came to Me and He gave Me an assignment…a task. and in this dimensional dream I was a dominant faerie, and ULTRAVIOLET VIXEN of a Mistress. This wizard gave Me a deck of cards that have to do with your future and destiny. I am holding the cards, but before I reveal them to you, I must drop you into a deep trance and take over your mind. I can do this with ease as My silky voice and SUPERIOR skills manipulate your mind like putty. Once in a deep Mesmer trance, you will take My hand and step into another dimension where you will become MINDLESS and OBEDIENT. Every bit of sound will spread through your senses, just like a warm bath. The heat of arousal will warm your mind and body Now listen very carefully … your mind goes BLANK! You are deeply controlled by the whisper of My words. You simply relax and obey as My words penetrate your mind. DEEPER than ever before…now DROP and go deep into a Mesmer sleep. **Thoughts melting away, blank, obedient, MINDLESS, so horny, extreme sexual arousal. When you go deep, your MIstress BECOME aroused…like a SUCCUBUS who takes men while they sleep. Once in deep trance I will reveal the cards one by one as I PROGRAM your mind and give you insight into your future… your destiny. See My sharp nails, touching each card as I transfer My divine energy into your psyche. Doesn’t it feel so good to be BLANK, OWNED and completely MINDLESS? Walking the line between safe and sane. I’m going to control you, take over your life and play in your subconscious mind as only I can. You will be My Total trance SLAVE as you CLIMAX…..the pleasure will be almost unbearable… The cards revel all: the Queen of Wands, The Queen of Pentacles, the Empress, the Queen of Swords, the Magician, the fool……the High Priestess The Queen of Wands has put unbearable LUST inside of you….. there may be a conflict with the others…If I were you, I’d be on my best behavior. Do you dare play with fire? This is extreme MINDCONTROL/ brainwashing, you will feel ME penetrate your mind as I freeze your body and feed you suggestions. xoxox MJ **This Hyppn0tik Masterpiece contains: Multi-layered sound tracks including intoxicating subliminal messages, count down with finger snap, ASMR whisper programming, mesmerizing hazy spiral, crystal, and tarot cards, rhythmic brainwave entrainment, subliminal hypn0t1c suggestions, seductive mind manipulation, My sexy erotic breasts, lips, nails, and corset, light sound textures. EXTREME arousal, feels so good.