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Lisa Tran is brilliant, stunning and a former NFL cheerleader, now working as a staff hypnotherapist at an up-and-coming tech company. Her sessions are a free perk for the staff, just like the ping-pong tables and onsite dry cleaning.

But Lisa has greater aspirations than helping increase the productivity of some middle-aged, overweight programmer. Millions, if not billions, of dollars are sloshing around the Bay Area, and Lisa is determined to grab more than her fair share. She'll use all her beauty, charm, and mind-control skills to get what she deserves.

And Lisa knows the only way to get what she wants is to be as ruthless and demanding as the tech executives she hypnotically enslaves.
This 18,000 word short is PG-13 rated. There's no sex (because you don't deserve any), but plenty of mind-blowing, heart pounding, wallet-draining Financial Domination.