Madame Jade Paris's Album: shunga blossom erotic mindcontrol

Shunga Blossom - Erotic MindControl (obedient, JOI, Orgasm Control) Headphones on and no interruptions. I’m about to get very personal with you. You may feel slightly vulnerable, but it will feel very incredible to trust Me, your Mistress, and to let me inside. Because that is the basis for mind-control. I take pride in knowing I can stimulate your body with just My superior voice… I can take you to a whole other place. I will delve deep into your subconscious and I will have access to your thoughts and feelings as I control your body. The key to successful HYpnOsys lies with in you… you must believe in it, want it and embrace it. Once you do that you will find yourself in trance… a state of pure bliss and harmony. Once I drop you deep, I will take care of the rest, I will work my magic. My voice will guide you and be your light….. as I take you to a highly erotic space where you become My mindless toy. You will relax and breath and all thoughts and negativity will be release with each exhalation as it floats away you feel a worm rush of erotic relaxation. You become light as you sink…deeper As you lie still listening to my voice…. I want to tell you something… it’s about an asset I have that is more powerful than my hypnotikk abilities…. My true hypnOtiK power comes not from ……. but from My….. You are under My deep spell and with every work I speak and every sound I have produced with My mouth, I have taken you over inch by inch…… Think about it….. My voice is unique….it hits all the right notes for you… and this is why you let Me in as I take over. So deep, you will chant “My Goddess brings me deep…my mind is a clean slate….my Goddess will program with her control” I am going so deep and as I go deeper I become more Mindless and rock hard. Alone with Madame….you are becoming so horny…. Madame wants you down there… on your knees…. yeahhhhhhh My voice is so powerful that I can create an image in your mind….plant a seed, a thought… so vivid it can cause you to feel a physical sensation. A programed toy must obey… edging helps you to obey…obedience is pleasure… obedience is pleasure….deeper. When you are commanded, you obey. When I tell you to cum, you will. you do nothing but obey. When you obey, it makes you horny… horny to obey, so erotic….hot! Go deeper, go deeper…. When you hear Me say the word “tense”, you will…… I’m going to jerk your cock with just the sound of My superior voice. You love it when I say the word “cock” I will program and edit you My mindless HypnOtik sex toy. Edge then countdown to cum My slut…. **This Hyppn0tik Masterpiece contains: Multi-layered sound tracks including intoxicating subliminal messages, count down with finger snap, ASMR whisper programming, mesmerizing hazy spiral, crystal, rhythmic brainwave entrainment, subliminal hypn0t1c suggestions, seductive mind manipulation, My sexy erotic breasts, lips, nails, and corset and Japanese ROPE dress, light Asian sound textures. EXTREME arousal, feels so good.