Latest Files and Halloween Sissy Sale!

  • Hello my submissives, piggies, cucks, sissies, masochists and slaves

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    Welcome to my latest newsletter. I'm posting this a couple of days earlier than usual to give me chance to announce that all of my files with the word 'sissy' in the title will be reduced for Halloween to celebrate my favourite festival. Scroll through my archive for reductions of up to half price on the 31st October only. And just in case you miss this exciting special offer some files will remain reduced for the whole of November. See below for details, but first here are my latest hypnotic releases.

    Twisted Cuckold

    A dark and delicious brainwashing loop for all those sissies and losers who crave to be cuckolded and then abandoned and left alone to their lives of chronic masturbation and humiliating porn. Available now at:

    Locktober, No-vember And Beyond

    This file is for subs and sissies experiencing Locktober for the first time, those who have done Locktober before and those who are already in longer term chastity for Mistress Clarissa. Available now at:

    Deep Trance

    Mistress Clarissa uses her soft sensual voice to effortlessly and quickly take you down into a deeply relaxing hypnotic visual and audio experience. Available now at:

    Sissy's Mantra For Mistress

    This loop is designed for submissive sissy sluts who are in chastity, or who wish to be in chastity, and who serve a Mistress, or are in a FemDom couple, for whom remaining soft is a goal. Available now at:

    Cheap and Nasty

    A powerful and sexy file aimed at all those sissies who dream of being cheap nasty sluts and just need a little encouragement to help them get there. Available now at:

    This month's special offers - all half price or less!

    And finally to celebrate Halloween all of my reduced files this month are aimed at sissies, pansies, cross dressers and sluts with one exception for the good boys out there.

    A Sissy's Greatest Sacrifice - $12

    Being a sissy requires making sacrifices. I know that you understand that. One of those sacrifices is the ability to make love as a hetero-sexual man. This idea can also be quite scary for delicate sissies so this file is designed to help you. Available at:

    Forced-Bi Sissy Loop - $7.50

    This loop is for all the sissies who would love to be feminized and made to pleasure real men and is designed to reinforce the training provided in the previous ‘Forced-bi Sissy’ file. Available at:

    Sissy Bimbo Doll - $15

    A sexy and exciting file for all those interested in the lifestyle of a submissive cocksucking sissy but not quite yet ready to commit to making permanent changes in their life. Available at:

    Sissy Seductress - $12.50

    This file is for all the sissies who would love to be feminized and taught by a Mistress how to use their feminine wiles to attract a man. If you want to learn how to flick your hair coquettishly and giggle and flirt and achieve your dream of being the focus of a real mans desire this file is for you. Available at:

    Twisted Sissy - $15

    A magical and intense humiliation file which reveals the truth of your sorry sissy existence. This recording will help you to understand that you have been cursed and it is your destiny to become a naturally submissive sweet sissy who loves to be teased whilst wearing pretty dresses. Available at:

    And finally for the boys ...

    Worship - $12

    If you fantasize about being a totally hypnotically controlled submissive, or a trained slave who serves, obeys and worships a beautiful, experienced and skilled Dominatrix you will enjoy this file. Available at:

    So it's going to be another busy month with lots to work on for all of my submissive pets. I know how much you want to be perfect for me, so don't forget you can always call me on the phone, commission a custom file, or simply tribute me because I'm worth it.

    Take care and be good.

    Mistress Clarissa