Latest Files and Special Offers For all My Devoted Toys - Chris

  • Hello my submissives, piggies, cucks, sissies, masochists and slaves

    Download my latest special monthly message exclusively for my mailing list and friends:

    Welcome to my newsletter. With Christmas coming and the spirit of goodwill in the air several of my files are now half price until January 1st. Scroll down for details but first here are my latest releases.

    Xmas Homewrecked Loser:
    This file is aimed at serious losers who enjoy powerful humiliation.It’s for losers who fantasise about being made disloyal, having their home wrecked by a powerful seductive Mistress.

    Loser Resolutions:
    An exciting and powerful hypnosis session designed to help you make a year long commitment to becoming the biggest loser possible.

    Powerless Poppers Piggy:
    This loop is designed for pay pigs who like to be intoxicated and to send to a beautiful woman who knows how to use her power.

    Confidence Corrupter:
    A powerful brainwashing file intended to be listened to on loop which will help you to realign your social status with your pathetic sexual identity.

    Loser For Life:
    A dark and delicious hypnosis session that will trap you as a loser and a paypig for the rest of your life.

    My Christmas sissy files are also now available. Sissy sluts should download Happy Sissy Christmas, the more gentle should spend some time as Christmas Fairies and the lonely and pathetic will enjoy Christmas Cuckold.

    This month's special offers - all half price or less!

    To celebrate Christmas many of my reduced files this month have the theme of financial domination beginning with one very special offer - a full length trance for just $5.

    Christmas Piggy $5:
    An exciting Christmas treat for all of our listeners, this file is a safe and powerful introduction to the pleasures of financial domination

    You will be needing my wishlist as well the wishlist of my collaborator Ms Julie who has worked on many of the files you have enjoyed over the last year.

    Twisted Paypig $15:
    A highly addictive file for all twisted losers who crave intense humiliation, control and degradation.

    Sleep Piggy Piggy $12:
    Possibly the most dangerous sleep loop we have ever produced, this recording will brainwash you throughout the night into craving financial ruin.

    Leather Glove and Poppers Piggy Training Loop $11:
    The loop is focused on deepening your fetish for Mistress Clarissa’s leather gloves and using poppers to deepen submission and weakness whilst programming the listener to be her piggy.

    Piggy ATM $15:
    This file is suitable for new and experienced pay pigs seeking a real Mistress to serve financially and be humiliated by.

    Paypig Acceptance Brainwashing Loop $10:
    A delicious brainwashing loop for all the paypiggies who need a little bit of help accepting their true nature.

    Money Slave $12:
    Commit to serve your Mistress financially in a responsible and sustainable way, not because you have a findom fetish, but because you care for your Mistress.

    And because I know that price cuts are the last thing true paypigs want, I have doubled the price of two of my most popular piggy files until the end of the year.

    Paypig Therapy $60:
    A potentially life-changing hypnosis session for all those disgusting pay-piggies who are drowing in addiction, humilation and debt.

    Owned Piggy $50:
    This file is suitable for new and experienced pay pigs seeking a real Mistress to serve financially.

    Finally I have reduced the price of two of my first ever Niteflirt files:

    Slave $15:
    Lose yourself to slavery forever in this powerful and transformative recording.

    Be My Good Girl $12:
    This is a gentle but powerful feminization file.

    Don't forget you can always call me on the phone, commission a custom file, Skype with me or simply tribute me just because it feels so good at this time of year.

    Take care and have a very happy Christmas.

    Mistress Clarissa