Latest Files and Special Offers For all My Devoted Toys

  • Hello my submissives, piggies, cucks, sissies, masochists, losers and slaves

    Welcome to latest newsletter with details of all my most recent recordings plus this month's special offers.

    Latest files

    Valentine's Day Loser Loop - $20

    An exciting treat for Valentine's Day for all those losers who will be spending the celebration sitting at home alone masturbating to the thought of how truly pathetic they are. This brutally humiliating brainwashing loop is designed to be listened to in the run up to Valentine's Day and throughout the day itself and is required listening for all those lonely desperate souls who are turned on by their sexual inadequacy and shame:

    Soft and Submissive - $35

    A warm and reassuring session for all those poor men suffering from impotence and sexual inadequacy. This file will help you come to terms with your condition and even take pleasure from it. Whilst it could be described as a gentle curse, which is likely to make your impotence problem much worse, it will also allow you to accept yourself and help you blossom as a weak, compliant and submissive beta male:

    Slave Contract - $30

    This file is intended for the continued advanced training of Mistress Clarissa’s devoted hypnotised slaves. It’s also suitable for those new to listening to her. This file is perfect for submissives looking for real instructions to follow, real power exchange and a Mistress to serve, obey, worship and please in tangible ways:

    Slave Contract Loop - $15

    This simple instructional loop builds upon the Slave Contract file, it can also be listened to independently of the file. The loop is intended for the continued advanced training of Mistress Clarissa’s devoted hypnotised slaves:

    Chastised and Controlled - $30

    An exciting file for all those chastity addicts interested developing a Female Led Relationship with their wife, girlfriend or Mistress. This recording will increase your love of chastity and you will long for your partner to take the key and control your sexual behaviour:

    Special Offers

    The following files will be half price or less throughout the month of February.

    Degraded - $12.50

    Half Price for February Only!!! A life-changing file aimed at the lowest of sissy slaves who crave to be degraded, humiliated and used. Listen to Mistress Clarissa's soft, commanding voice as she entices you into a world where all of your most depraved desires will eventually manifest in reality:

    Worship and Tease - $12.50

    Half Price for February Only!!! This erotic FemDom file is aimed at male submissives and slaves and intended as an aid to FemDom training. In this file Mistress Clarissa teaches the listener to focus on her pleasure over their own as a key step towards deeper submission:

    Rubber Fuck Toy - $12

    Less than half price for February only!!! This file is aimed at male submissives and slaves and intended to deepen the listeners rubber fetish and the desire to be dominated and used as a totally passive restrained fuck toy by Mistress Clarissa:

    Good Boy Training Trance Loop - $7.50

    Half Price for February Only!!! This brainwashing slave training loop builds on the first file in this series. It is also Independently effective. It is suitable for male submissives and slaves wanting to serve Mistress Clarissa and is intended as an aid to real FemDom training:

    Recovery Loop - $7.50

    Half Price for February Only!!! This gentle reassuring healing loop is aimed at anyone wishing to be free of negative control and coercion in a BDSM or non BDSM context. It will help anyone in the process of freeing themselves from abusive control, negative programming, and coercion:

    Don't forget you can always call me on the phone, commission a custom file, or simply tribute me just because it feels so good to show me your submission.

    Take care and be good

    Mistress Clarissa