Latest Files and Special Offers For all My Devoted Toys - April

  • Hello my submissives, piggies, cucks, sissies, masochists, losers and slaves

    Welcome to latest newsletter with details of all my most recent recordings plus this month's special offers.

    Latest files

    Twisted Blackmail Fantasy - $35
    Available on Niteflirt now at:

    A powerful and dangerous hypnosis session for all those slaves, piggies and sissies who crave a genuine total power exchange with real consequences for disobedience. This file will make you desperate to be blackmailed and treated with relentless cruelty as Mistress Clarissa slowly dismantles every single part of your life.

    Beautifully Broken - $32
    Available on Niteflirt now at:

    This is a file for fans of psychologically insightful FemDom, and all who crave being brainwashed and humiliated for Mistress's pleasure. Those who enjoy Mistress Clarissa’s skill in making you not only complicit, but addicted to your own brainwashing and humiliation will love this file.

    Twisted Love Spell - $35
    Available on Niteflirt now at:

    A magical and powerfully erotic file for all those ready to fall into an all-consuming infatuation with me. This recording will take you into a deep trance in which you will fall deeply in love to the point you will sacrifice everything for me.

    Sissy Whore - $30
    Available on Niteflirt now at:

    If you have dreamed of being hypnotised, feminised, controlled and used by a beautiful powerful woman this file is for you. This is one of my earliest files which for some reason never got posted to Niteflirt.

    My Perfect Puppet - $35
    Available on Niteflirt now at:

    A fun and playful file designed to demonstrate the power of hypnosis and how it can be used to control your body as well as your mind. In this session you will be given a hypnotic trigger which will completely immobilize you as securely as if I had chained you down. I will then proceed to teach you how pleasurable it can be to have me manipulate your body as you lie there, feeling horny and submissive and no longer able to move unless I direct it.


    Special Offers

    The below files will be reduced by half price or more throughout the month of April.

    Leather Gloves Training Loop - $8
    Available on Niteflirt now at:

    Less than half price for April only! The loop is focused on establishing, or deepening a fetish for Mistress Clarissa’s leather gloves to deepen your submission and programming. Mistress Clarissa's melodic voice and crisp British accent are so pleasurable to listen to, her soft voice will easily relax you, hold your focus and take you into deep trance. Once in trance she will focus and further develop your fetish for her leather gloves and use it to deepen your arousal and need to serve and worship her. The goodie bag includes two photographs of Mistress Clarissa wearing the gloves for your inspiration.

    Sissy Love Letter - $14
    Available on Niteflirt now at:

    Less than half price for April only! This soft warm reassuring FemDom file is aimed at owned sissies and lifestyle D/S Mistress and sissy couples. It’s intended as an aid to more advanced FemDom training. It’s specifically useful to overcoming listeners feelings of anxiety and insecurity arising from the fear of the loss of themselves in deep sustained loving submission to their Mistress.

    Doggy Time Part 2 - $12.50
    Available on Niteflirt now at:

    Half price for April only! A powerful reinforcement to the original Doggy Time file, this recording will strengthen and increase your desire to become an obedient well trained female dog. This file contains a trigger which wil immediately compel you to think and act like a dog in every possible way whenever you listen to this file or whenever the trigger phrase is used by yourself or your owner. You will be encouraged to be submissive, playful and doglike in every way, and to accept that you are nothing more than a pet to be trained by Mistress Clarissa.

    Foot Worship Instructions - $12.50
    Available on Niteflirt now at:

    Half price for April only! Mistress Clarissa loves foot worship and she loves to train her slaves in exactly how to please her. In this file she gives you clear foot worship instructions in her lovely soft sensual voice whilst skilfully taking you down into a submissive erotic trance.

    Sissy Slave Lullaby Part 9: Weak - $7
    Available on Niteflirt now at:

    Less than half price for April only! One of the most powerful and popular recordings in our Sissy Slave Lullaby series, this file is designed to completely drain you of your physical strength. Listen on loop as you sleep and let Mistress Clarissa's soothing voice take full control of your mind, conditioning you to be weak, gentle and so submissive. As well as causing your muscle strength to decline, this file will also weaken your will, making you naturally compliant, obedient, and a little bit pathetic.

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    Take care and be good

    Mistress Clarissa