Latest Files and Special Offers For all My Devoted Toys - June

  • Hello my submissives, piggies, cucks, sissies, masochists, losers and slaves

    Welcome to latest newsletter with details of all my most recent recordings plus this month's special offers.

    Latest files

    Lingerie Slave - $35
    You will love listening to Mistress Clarissas crisp British accent and soft melodic voice and you will find that you fall effortlessly into a soft warm trance. Once there Mistress will train you to be her impotent lingerie slave. Using your vulnerabilities, your history as a sexual failure, your impotence, deepening your submission and your desire for her, she will seal you as her lingerie slave. Available on Niteflirt at:

    Premature Ejaculator - $35
    This hypnotic session with turn you into a premature ejaculator for the rest of your life and ensure you are never able to have sex with a women again. You will become obsessed with climaxing as quickly as possible and the humiliation you will feel at the thought of being a sexual failure will drive you forward and make you worse. Available on Niteflirt at:

    Premature Ejaculator Practice Loop - $15
    This recording is intended as a masturbation aid and is designed to ensure that you will become a premature ejaculator for the rest of your life. Listen every time you touch yourself from now on as you drown in the shame and pleasure that comes from knowing you are actively making your sexual dysfunction worse. This file is intended to be used alongside my longer Premature Ejaculator hypnosis session but is is also perfect to be used alone or as a taster for the delicious lifestyle that could soon await you. Available on Niteflirt at:

    Twisted Love Spell Part 2 - $35
    A dark and delicious hypnosis experience which will cause you to fall deeply in love with Mistress Clarissa to the point you will sacrifice everything for her. You will never have another relationship, you will never have sex again, you will be impotent, weak, desperate and submissive and this will bring you so much pleasure. So understand this is not a game, this magical recording is likely to be life changing as you accept that you are a truly pathetic creature whose only purpose in life is to please your Mistress. Available on Niteflirt at:

    Panty Piggy - $30
    This file is for all those losers who are in a relationship with a Mistress based on financial domination and submission. You will be conditioned to fall deeper into submission to your Mistress and you will feel ready to give her greater control over your life. The recording also contains a hypnotic trigger which will ensure your Mistress can take her money from you whenever she chooses as well as a powerful trigger which will associate sending money with the feel of panties against your genitals. Available on Niteflirt at:

    This Month's Special Offers

    The following files will be reduced throughout the month of June.

    Cheap and Nasty - $24
    20% off for June only!!! A powerful and sexy file aimed at all those sissies who dream of being cheap nasty sluts and just need a little encouragement to help them get there. You will accept you are a cocksucker, who dreams of being used by multiple men and who is never happier then when you are on your knees with cum trickling down your face. Available on Niteflirt at:

    Edging Loop - $10
    One third off for June only!!! The loop offers a deep level of submissive pleasure, control and a little humiliation as it prepares you for ongoing chastity and intermittent release conditional on cum eating. It operates alongside the Chastity, CEI and Edging training files, but it can also be enjoyed by itself. Available on Niteflirt at:

    Twisted Addiction Lullaby - $10
    One third off for June only!!! A viciously seductive sleep loop for all those sissies, losers, pansies and humiliation junkies who crave to have their life ruled and destroyed by a beautiful Mistress. This file will explain just how weak and pathetic you truly are and should only be used by those who are psychologically robust and who have a deep need for humiliation and complete ego destruction. Available on Niteflirt at:

    Sweet Sissy Slut Loop - $12.50
    Half price for June only!!! If you love to be hypnotised and feminised and to be taken deep into slutty sissy submission this loop is for you. Mistress Clarissa uses her lovely soft voice and clear British accent to soothe you, brainwash you and prepare you for your role as her submissive Cock sucking sissy. Available on Niteflirt at:

    Pantyhose Fetish Loop - $7.50
    Half price for June only!!! This loop is designed to be listened to as you sleep or go about your day. It is effective alongside all Mistress Clarissa’s other files. It is intended to deepen your pantyhose fetish so that Mistress Clarissa can use it to control you and lead you to a life of happy submission. Available on Niteflirt at:

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    Mistress Clarissa