Latest Files and Special Offers For all My Devoted Toys - July

  • Hello my submissives, piggies, cucks, sissies, masochists, losers and slaves

    Welcome to my latest newsletter with details of all my most recent recordings plus this month's special offers.

    Latest files

    Mistress Mantra - $14

    This is a loop for Mistress Clarissa's hypnotised slaves who love to be brainwashed to love, worship, serve, obey and please her more than ever. Available on Niteflirt at:

    Sissy Creampuff - $35

    An exciting file for all true sissies who long to become the most effeminate prissy pansies possible. You are going to be completely emasculated and start living your life as the sissy fairy you were born to be. Available on Niteflirt at:

    Suck It For Me - $32

    You will love listening to Mistress Clarissas crisp British accent and soft melodic voice as she effortlessly takes you down into trance and then uses her skill to train you to be her submissive chaste cocksucker . She will use your history as a sexual failure, your submission and your desire to please her to make you finally accept your need to suck cock for her. Available on Niteflirt at:

    Women Hate You Loser - $35

    A deeply humiliating hypnosis session for true losers who need to learn the painful truth. You are disgusting and women hate you. You are repulsive and I hate you too. I hate you as much as you love me. That's why we need to change your pathetic life to ensure that the only contact you have with women is paying them to humiliate you online. Available on Niteflirt at:

    Sissy Panty Loop - $12

    A delightful sissy brainwashing loop aimed at beginners. This file will increase your desire to wear panties as often as possibly until you are wearing them every day. It will also encourage chastity and instil a compulsion to throw out all of your nasty male underwear. Available on Niteflirt at:

    Suck It For Me Loop - $18

    This is a loop for fans of Mistress Clarissa’s hypnotic FemDom slut training, chastity and humiliation. You will love listening to Mistress Clarissas crisp British accent and soft melodic voice as her words loop throughout your days and dreams training you to be her submissive chaste cocksucker. Available on Niteflirt at:

    This Month's Special Offers

    The following files will be reduced throughout the month of July.

    Consequences - $24

    20% off for July only! This file offers a deep level of submissive psychological pleasure and control. As you listen to the process Mistress Clarissa describes, you will sink into a deep receptive trance and recognise the journey she has led you on. You will recognise the pleasure you have experienced in her deepening your submission and the weakness, need, addiction and longing to serve and to suffer for her that you have felt. Available on Niteflirt at:

    Slave Focus Loop - $8

    Less than half price for July only! This loop builds upon the hypnotic training contained within the 'Slave Focus File'. Mistress Clarissa will effortlessly relax you and reach inside your mind. Her soft melodic voice and crisp British accent are simply so pleasurable to listen to, it's all too easy to fall under her spell. She will give focus to your submissive desire, deepen your addiction to her control and your obsessive need to please her by laying out the ways you can serve her. She will refocus your submission and give you renewed energy to serve her. Available on Niteflirt at:

    A Sissy's Greatest Sacrifice - $12.50

    Half price for July only! Being a sissy requires making sacrifices. I know that you understand that. One of those sacrifices is the ability to make love as a hetero-sexual man. This idea can also be quite scary for delicate sissies so this file is designed to help you. Not only will you never be able to make love to a woman for the rest of your life after listening to this file, but you will feel a great sense of joy that this has been achieved. Available on Niteflirt at:

    Twisted Sissy Loop - $15

    40% off for July only! This brainwashing loop is designed to reinforce all of the exciting changes in our recent Twisted Sissy file and help you to embrace your life as a sexual failure who craves constant humiliation. Listen on loop as you go about your day, or as you sleep at night, and immerse yourself in your twisted desires as you enter an addictive downward spiral with no escape. Available on Niteflirt at:

    Piggy ATM - $20

    One third off for July only! This file is suitable for new and experienced pay pigs seeking a real Mistress to serve financially and be humiliated by. Mistress Clarissa will use her hypnotic skills to take you further on your piggy journey in this file than ever before. She will encourage you to accept your pathetic weak piggy nature, your need to be humiliated and degraded by her and train you to to love being her special piggy, her piggy ATM. Available on Niteflirt at:

    Don't forget you can always call me on the phone, commission a custom file, or simply tribute me just because it feels so good to show me your submission.

    Take care and be good

    Mistress Clarissa