Latest Files and Special Offers For all My Devoted Toys - Augus

  • Hello my submissives, piggies, cucks, sissies, masochists, losers and slaves

    Welcome to my latest newsletter with details of all my most recent recordings plus this month's special offers.

    Latest files

    Loser Loop - $20

    Mandatory brainwashing for all true losers this recording will make you weaker and more pathetic than you ever thought possible. You will become addicted to my soft voice as I explain how much I enjoy watching you sink lower for me and the pleasure you feel will be ovewhelming. Available on Niteflirt at:

    Sissy Creampuff Part 2 - $35

    This session continues the process of radical emasculation which began in the first file in this series and will turn you into the mincing lisping sissy creampuff you have always craved to become. This recording will strengthen your triggers leaving you trapped in a world of effeminacy and submission as well as introduce new triggers which will teach you all about your sissy sexuality. You will crave to find a man, and crave to suck his cock and the more effeminate you become then the more desperate you will be for sex with men. Available on Niteflirt at:

    More Than Ever - $35

    As fans will already know Mistress Clarissa’s soft sensual voice and crisp British accent make it easy to sink into trance and to take her words deep inside your mind whilst her insight and expert manipulation draws you towards complicity, greater power exchange and deeper pleasure. Once in trance Mistress Clarissa will deepen your infatuation and submissive love for her and use it to shape you and develop you further as her slave. She will focus your desire and love towards serving her, expressing your submission and worship and leave you craving to send her gifts and tributes. Available on Niteflirt at:

    Edge To The Darkness - $40

    A dark and delicious hypnotic experience which will brainwash you to always crave the most degrading and humiliating treatment. Let my soft seductive voice take you deep down into trance where I will demolish you and turn you into something nasty and perverse by forcing you to edge to your own destruction. Your sexuality will be completely shattered and you will crave slavery and no longer have any choice at all what is done to you. Available on Niteflirt at:

    Goon and Send - $25

    An exciting brainwashing file for all true paypigs designed to be listened to on loop until you are bankrupt. Let my soft voice whisper in your ear all day long, tempting you, using you and conditioning you to be my special piggy. Your addiction to financial domination will become stronger than you ever thought possible and it will bring you so much pleasure you just won't be able to stop. Available on Niteflirt at:

    Sissy Creampuff Brainwashing Loop - $16

    An exciting and powerful sissification file designed to brainwash you into becoming the biggest sissy you could possibly be. Listen on loop throughout the day and let Mistress Clarissa's soft seductive voice programme your mind and turn you into a mincing and lisping sissy creampuff. Available on Niteflirt at:

    This Month's Special Offers

    The following files will be reduced throughout the month of August.

    Chastity Slave - $12.50

    Half price for this month only!!! This file is focused on chastity, tease and denial and deepening arousal and submission towards producing slaves who genuinely serve Mistress Clarissa. It’s perfect for boys looking for a Hypnodomme to really serve. Available on Niteflirt at:

    Twisted Addiction Trance - $15

    40% off for this month only!!! A lovely dark experience which will encourage you to sink deeper into obsession and addiction than you ever thought possible. Fall in love as you listen to Mistress Clarissa's soft voice as she gently helps you to sink down into a life of tormented pleasure. Available on Niteflirt at:

    Gay Panties - $20

    One third off for this month only!!! An exciting and sexy file for all those sissies who are struggling to accept their true nature and sexuality. This powerful hypnotic recording will ensure that whenever you wear your pretty panties then all you will be able to think about is sex with men. Available on Niteflirt at:

    Sissy Series: Chaste - $7.50

    Half price for this month only!!! This file is for all the sissies who truly want to serve, worship and obey their Mistress in ways that involve true sacrifice. This of course means no touching yourself unless granted express permission and so this recording will encourage you to stay chaste for your Mistress. Listening to the file will help to gently remove selfish tendencies and encourage sincere happy submission. Available on Niteflirt at:

    Submissive Trance 4: Masochist - $15

    Half price for this month only!!! This file is aimed at male submissives and slaves and intended as an aid to deepening submission, worship and the desire to serve, and to extend this specifically into the desire to suffer for Mistress Clarissa. It's a warm, pleasurable trance at the same time as being intensely focused on achieving real servitude and instilling masochistic tendencies. Available on Niteflirt at:


    Don't forget you can always call me on the phone, commission a custom file, or simply tribute me just because it feels so good to show me your submission.

    Take care and be good

    Mistress Clarissa