Latest Files and Special Offers For all My Devoted Toys - Septe

  • Hello my submissives, piggies, cucks, sissies, masochists, losers and slaves

    Welcome to my latest newsletter with details of all my most recent recordings plus this month's special offers.

    Latest files

    Sissy Triggers

    This powerful and sexy recording is for all those who enjoy sissy and Femdom fantasies but are not yet ready to embark on a sissy lifestyle. This session will give you a series of triggers intended to turn you into a horny sissy cumslut who is desperate for cock, however these triggers will only activate when you are in a kinky space with a Dominant and have given consent for them to be used. You can also of course trigger yourself. Available now on Niteflirt.

    My Slutty Puppet

    An erotic and mesmerizing file for all submissive sluts who crave to feel the power of hypnotic domination. Let my soft voice take you down into a deep trance in which I will be able to manipulate your mind and body and make you crave to be fucked by my strap on. This recording uses similar techniques to the previous Perfect Puppet file but is much more sexual in nature and ends with an orgasm trigger. Available now on Niteflirt.

    More Than Ever Loop

    Listening to the loop will focus your desire and love towards serving me and leave you craving to send me gifts and tributes. As you listen she will move you towards becoming perfect for me. You will simply love me more than ever for brainwashing you and be more motivated to serve, worship and obey her. Available now on Niteflirt.

    This Month's Special Offers

    Just three files on special offer this month following the recent sale. One for the sissies, one for the slaves and one for the piggies. The following files will be reduced for the month of September.

    Bimbo Brainwash - $20

    One third off for this month only!!! A sexy and powerful hypnosis session which is designed to install permanent personality changes which will leave you a horny, brainless bimbo. Mistress Clarissa's gentle and assuring voice will rewrite your personality so that all you can think about is shopping, sex and sucking as many cocks as possible. Available now on Niteflirt.

    Consequences - $20

    One third off for this month only!! This file offers a deep level of submissive psychological pleasure and control. As you listen to the process Mistress Clarissa describes, you will sink into a deep receptive trance and recognise the journey she has led you on. You will recognise the pleasure you have experienced in her deepening your submission and the weakness, need, addiction and longing to serve and to suffer for her that you have felt as she used your arousal to train you and to to shape you as her slave. Available now on Niteflirt.

    Sleep Piggy Piggy - $20

    One third off for this month only!! Possibly the most dangerous sleep loop we have ever produced, this recording will brainwash you throughout the night into craving financial ruin and a instil a lifelong addiction to financial domination. This file is only recommended for the most pathetically dedicated paypigs who fantasize about bankruptcy combined with intense humiliation. Available now on Niteflirt.

    Don't forget you can always call me on the phone, commission a custom file, or simply tribute me just because it feels so good to show me your submission.

    Take care and be good

    Mistress Clarissa