Latest Files and Christmas 2023 Special Offers!!

  • Hello my submissives, piggies, cucks, sissies, masochists, losers and slaves

    Welcome to details of all my latest recordings plus news of some very special festive offers and a chance to buy all of my Christmas files for less than half price! Scroll down for more info but first here are my most recent recordings.

    Impotent Sissy Loser - $40

    A deeply humiliating file for all sissy losers who crave a life of impotence and shame. This session is aimed at pathetic so-called men who are obsessed with emasculation and will ensure that you are never able to have sex with a woman again. Available on Niteflirt.

    Debtcember Brainwashing Loop - $20

    A festive treat for all true pay piggies. Listen on loop and allow my seductive voice lead you into a lovely submissive space and help you to understand the erotic potential of overwhelming debt. Available on Niteflirt.

    Dumb, Weak and Horny - $40

    You think too much. You over analyse things. And it gets in the way of our pleasure. So it's time to dumb down. It's time to stop thinking. It's time to let all of your intelligence drain away and become dumb, weak and horny for me all of the time. Available on Niteflirt.

    It's Okay To Be Gay Masturbation Loop - $20

    An exciting brainwashing loop designed to be listened to whilst masturbating to gay porn. The recording will make you completely gay and help you to accept that you are sexually attracted to men and that's okay. Available on Niteflirt.


    Christmas Special Offers

    All of my Christmas files will be reduced throughout December, or buy my special Christmas Selection Box to get all of these files for just $95.

    Christmas Selection Box - $95

    All of the below Christmas themed humiliation files plus my Debtcember Brainwashing Loop for the special low price of £95. Available on Niteflirt.

    Christmas Cuckold - $15 - 40% off for December

    It will be lonely this Christmas for the pathetic prancing pansies who listen to this recording. because this file will turn you into a cuckold who is unlikely to ever have sex with a woman again. Available on Niteflirt.

    Christmas Loser Loop - $15 - 25% off for December

    A wonderful brainwashing loop for all true losers to help you remember exactly what you are throughout the Christmas period. Listen on loop as often as you can and sink down into the pleasure of becoming your weak and pathetic true self. Available on Niteflirt.

    Christmas Fairy - $15 - 25% off for December

    Let your feminine side flower this Christmas and join us on a wonderful journey to become a Christmas sissy fairy. This sweet and spicy file will encourage you to remain as girly as possible over the holiday period and do everything you can to show your sweet submissive nature. Available on Niteflirt.

    Xmas Homewrecked Loser - $28 - 20% off for December

    This file is aimed at serious losers who enjoy powerful humiliation. It’s for losers who fantasise about being made disloyal, having their home wrecked by a powerful seductive woman, and who enjoy being a powerless intoxicated and pathetically weak piggy for Mistress. Available on Niteflirt.

    Happy Sissy Christmas - $15 - 40% off for December

    Listen each day throughout the holidays for a truly magical Christmas full of love, sparkles, and lovely big cocks. This sweet and playful file will ensure that your sissy desires stay at the forefront of your little mind all through the holiday season. Available on Niteflirt.

    Xmas Homewrecked Loser Loop - $15 - 25% off for December

    This recording is a brainwashing loop to complement and reinforce all the delicious life changes which are set to come for those who have listened to Xmas Homewrecked Loser. Available on Niteflirt.

    Christmas Piggy - $12 - 40% off for December

    This recording will encourage you to spend the entire Christmas holiday lost in my hypnosis and giving all you can both to me and those you care about. Christmas is such a lovely time of year when those who are truly submissive can freely express their sweet gentle nature and I'd like us to enjoy that together. Available on Niteflirt.


    Have fun, be good and keep an eye on your inbox for more news and offers over the Christmas period.

    Happy holidays.

    Mistress Clarissa