Week 3 of Chastity for Mistress Carol

  • It’s the last period of the day and I’m watching the clock, probably not processing much of what the teacher says. Six hours of classrooms half full of sweater-covered pert young breasts and skirts that flaunt length rules has made for a stirring between my legs that needs to be satisfied as soon as I get home. The minutes just won’t pass fast enough and I fidget and wait and wait and wait.

    Some memories of a Catholic school education aren’t that bad. Though about three decades old at this point, the teen flashbacks are especially vivid right now as I feel an urgent need for some erotic gratification not felt in years. Calendar watching has replaced clock watching, and it too, never seems to move.

    I missed my intended three-week update, but am still going on 30 days of chastity for Mistress Carol. Having blown past a previous-best of 17-plus days, I have 25 days down and am starting Day 26. The end is in sight, but the most challenging five days remain. Daily listens to the melodic voice of the wondrous Mistress Carol are at the same time comforting and inspiring yet maddeningly carnal. I suppose it intensifies both sides of the chaste duality.

    I am way out of my comfort zone and have mixed feelings on whether I would go through it again. But I know I’m damn glad I did once. I don’t exactly leak like I’ve heard mentioned by some lovers of long-term chastity, but I do get a certain erotic tingle – which I’ve seen described, pretty accurately – as a cross between urination and orgasm that lasts a fraction of a second. It happens a handful of times a day; sometimes several in close proximity. They are just more signals from my body, like the raging erections that come easily (or pressure on my CB-6000 if so adorned) that say it’s way past time to cum.

    The schoolgirls of days past have been replaced tenfold, a hundredfold: At the grocery store, in line in front of me at the deli, a stranger on the street, the convenience store clerk. None of these women will ever know how much they turned me on, but it doesn’t take much these days. So I just watch . . and wait.

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