Endless Abyss hypno mp3--SUBMIT to Domina--Erotic Hypnosis

  • Session Length: 38 minutes


    My baby, do you know what an Abyss is? In Greek it means bottomless, unfathomable, boundless. It also perfectly describes the extent of My hypnotic power to control you when I reach deep down into the depths of your subconscious mind. When you're swept down into the darkness of the mesmerizing Abyss I've created in your mind, there's never a reason to be afraid, I'm always here to guide you, to nurture you, to protect you. As you succumb to the many pleasures of real submission you'll happily submit to the endless void, where the Abyss is not a desolated lonely place, but a haven of perpetual bliss. Giggles.


    So snuggle up with Me, your Domina and Owner, as you surrender to My sweet, sensual, Siren's voice and allow Me to lull you down into the depths of your increasingly compliant mind. In this session you'll experience a sensory overload as I overwhelm you with vivid imagery and whispered words that will condition your weak and suggestible mind to be forever dependent on Me.


    you are not in control anymore, you haven’t been for a long time now, but that’s exactly what you want, what you need, craving Me to take full control of your submissive self. I'm a permanent part of you, molding your thoughts and desires, stimulating you to be aroused and addicted to My growing dominance. W/we both know this compulsion is impossible to resist, so allow the fantasy of being loved and controlled by Me, your Domina, to be your reality.


    Please be advised, My horny slave, this EROTIC HYPNOSIS mp3 contains strong subliminals and persuasive brainwashing techniques. With repeated listening you'll yearn to submit to Me, compelled by a burning desire to fall ever deeper under My domination. And, if that wasn't devious enough, I will implant a powerful post-hypnotic trigger inside your mind - a special trigger just for U/us - that will pull you ever deeper into My world with no hope of escape. I’ll never leave you, My poor baby, I’ll never let you go, you'll always be safe with Me! you are My pet, My property, and you'll remain permanently enslaved to your Domina in the Abyss...