Assimilated - Hypnotic Possession

  • With the new Shelle Rivers Assimilated erotic brainwashing session, I want you to imagine the most comfortable place you have ever been... relax, listen and prepare for a Hypnotic Possession.


    I am going to continue insinuating Myself into your brain cells until you have assimilated Me deep into your core being. I am engraving Myself as an important anchor inside O/our mind. I am here now. And I will always be here, inside of you. The voice in your head... the focus of your attention... the Object of your desires... your primary motivator. Feel the love... the erotic bliss of submission.


    I can feel your getting closer to where you want to be. Closer and closer to where I am, infiltrating your being and coursing through your veins, having you tingle from the orgasmic bliss of My mindgasm. I am so much a part of you, now, that you can anticipate all My needs and desires. Welcome to your reality and destiny, My pet, My erotic hypnotic world... the place to Love Honor and Obey your Domina Shelle Rivers.