The addiction - White Noise

  • My baby, back by such popular demand, is one of My very favorite (Masterpieces), programming trigger sessions. you loved feeling brainwashed, mesmerized, aroused and controlled with White Noise giving yourself to Me as My Sleeper Agent. And now I have HEIGHTENED the EFFECTIVENESS with this week’s new White Noise II - The Addiction. What’s that? White noise makes you aroused... and makes it so easy for Me to play in your pants and your mind~~giggles you love what I do to you.


    Do you remember when I first placed the White Noise trigger into your brain? Yes, I programmed your mind to respond to My words within the White Noise...Oh, it’s OK. you probably didn’t know when it happened. Believe Me it happened and now I’ll manipulate your mind once again using only White Noise. So many ways to play inside you. So sexy, too, the many ways I can trigger complete control and hypnotic domination over you.


    I chose you for this. Let your addiction take a deeper hold. Prepare yourself for additional sexual programming by My white noise. It will remain secret coding that you will embrace. It’s going to be amazing. you will soon seek My words hidden in the noise. So, Listen now for your new instructions and your destiny coming true. My puppy is so eager to serve your Domina Shelle.... This erotic hypnosis session includes sexy picture gifts, so you can think and dream of Me 24/7.