• My new Succubus hypno fetish session, it's too sexy and provocative...a long, very deep induction into complete surrender. So much sexual energy for My Succubus to use. And you love to be used, even devoured, don't you, My pet? I know how desperate you are for your Domina Shelle Rivers and My erotic hypnosis. So, cum to Me and let Me bite your neck or at least cause massive swelling between your legs. What will happen? Follow My instructions. I'll let you wait and see. It's so much more exciting that way. Just know you'll be in ecstasy.


    SUCCUBUS, an entity that feeds on the sexual energy, the "Life Force" of a man through sexual intercourse to survive. She appears to you in dreams and while you are awake and hyperactive while lusting for your desires of a sexual nature. She can shape-shift at will and can take on many forms, usually that of a beautiful Woman. She is manipulating, wicked and so sexy. Remind you of anyone? Giggles...