Domina Shelle's Black Friday Month

  • Most of you are familiar with Black Friday being the day you look out for discounts of your favorite items. Well, as My gift to you, your Domina Shelle is going to celebrate Black Friday for the rest of November. One day is not enough for all the savings that I want to give to My loyal customers and submissive subjects. So I will be showcasing special erotic hypnosis sale sessions throughout the month for you to enjoy. Mmmmmm you can come back every day to find a different file that will be on sale during My Black Friday Month. Better be quick, because each day a new session is on sale and the older one disappears, so come back every day so you don't miss out.


    For My Chastity slaves who are begging to stay in Chastity, this is your CHALLENGE: No orgasms for the remainder of this month. Around this time of year, there is a saying I like to call "Not In November". I am sure you can guess the meaning of that. Now I'm going to have some very HOT sessions. But CHASTITY slaves will try NOT to cum. Giggles!


    Black Friday Month has begun. Cum participate. See if you can drop even deeper with My new training... how under My control you really are. Don’t worry if you don’t last long, there are no losers in this game. Losers, winners, you are all obedient pets under the sway of My words. I win either way, haha. Binge on My files, pet. Enjoy My training, plunge into My month-long celebration of your surrender to Me. Get excited by stocking up on hours of listening to My voice telling you to Cum....OR stroke, but not to cum....if you dare....Kisses