PROGRAMMING My perfect slave

  • My baby, are you feeling the Christmas spirit like I am? W/we all really need it, don’t we?... This week, let’s escape into My Erotic Hypnotic world of Domination. I am going to be extending My programming to reinforce My power over you, My mindless subject, with Reinforced Programming. I am so good to you, giving you what you want and need. After all, Domina always knows best.~giggles~


    My voice, My words, My body are your Pleasure. you are addicted to obeying everything I say. When you surrender control, you live in a state of constant arousal by My erotic mind control, eager to please Me, always striving to be My perfect slave. you would do anything for Me. Wouldn’t you, My sex toy? I will always be there with you, even in your dreams. you will always belong to Me, living your destiny to serve your beautiful and powerful Domina Shelle Rivers. So, I want you to relax and let go for Me. Feel Me really close to you. Look into My eyes and listen to this session over and over again and let everything happening to you sink in. you love Me. This is where you want to be...with Me. These are the feelings that will make you happy...belonging to Me, addicted and mindless, obedient and aroused. Just let it happen. Kisses....