COMPLETE SURRENDER to Domina Shelle Rivers

  • I wonder, My sweet. Do you ever feel as though your Domina Shelle Rivers is watching over, taking care of you? Well, when you listen to My voice and hear My words, it now happens automatically. With My erotic hypnosis programming I now control both your conscious and subconscious mind. you can feel Me there with you throughout the day. Everytime you sleep for Me. Watching you, guiding you. Leading you where you want to go. Aren’t you so lucky I know just what you need? ~giggles~


    This week W/we will explore a favorite subject that I am very, very good with, the brainwashing erotic hypno session, Psychology of Submission. I am your Mind. I will teach you all you need to know and understand. There is a pleasure that can come from escaping into complete surrender and feeling so submissive. Mmm... Can you remember when it all began...when you felt truly submissive? Do you remember the first time you wanted to give yourself completely to someone? Give it all up and let a Dominant Woman take control of everything....Was it before you found Me? Or did I find you? Or did it start for real when you met Me?


    Relax and allow Me take you to My safe place where you can escape and be your truest self. What is it about submission that makes you feel so good all over, especially between your legs? Well, it’s all interconnected. Submission brings on the need and desire to Obey and Serve. And now, only Obedience to your Domina is the pleasure you crave. And why do you obey besides being trained and conditioned to obey and think of Me all the time? Because more than anything else you want to Please Me, be useful and do whatever I tell you to do.





    When you listen to My hypnotic voice you have a mental image of who is speaking those words you feel compelled to obey. Now, My NEW sexy Photos - Clinging To My CURVES will help you visualize the Woman behind the voice and connect you closer to Me, the Domina you Honor, Obey and Love.... to run your hands over My curves.