Your Hypnotic Mistress is an Awesome Person Too

  • Been meaning to write this for a while, and it's pretty common knowledge for those who have or know one, but a spoken reminder of it can't really hurt, but as the title says - your Hypnotic Mistress is an awesome person too.

    What prompted me to write this? Reflection of many different interactions I've had with female hypnotists, recent and years ago. The latest times have been with Lady Jessica, among whom anyone who knows her is pretty amazing, both as a hypnotist and conversationalist. During amazing hypno Skype sessions with her, I've noticed how stimulating chats can take place and we sometimes forget the original purpose of the call before long. I can even get a little sad when the conversation ends, even if it ends because she's triggered me into trance, which really isn't that sad, just trading one thing I like for another, but wasn't quite done with the first (conversation) thing.

    I've considered myself lucky to have known and talked with some great ladies online, at conventions, at or around my time at Inraptured (was on the fence about listing ones I've met through Inraptured for fear of leaving someone out, but here's a list anyway: Lady Jessica, Nikki Fatale, Sapphire Rain, Isis the Enchantress, Lee Allure, Queen Cleopatra, Princess Katana, Tessa Fields, Arianna Erickson, and probably many others. Interactions I've had like mentioned above with Jessica, and other hypnotists, the conscious sharing of ideas, experiences, and selves, among one another, I feel like is the often the unspoken benefit of a community like or similar to ours, how like minded we are and what we share with each other. In many cases, especially the ladies.

    We might never know what it takes to shape them into such lovely, mesmerizing peoples, through expertise, life experiences, or sharing how we as submsissives have changed them sometimes, but it's all fascinating, or should be. Everytime it's happened to me I've been honored to hear about whatever they're feeling, or their past, or anything about them. Things they didn't have to share, but did anyway, often trusting us with what they say. That's how I know trust is a two-way street, even for a one exerting mental control and domination over another.

    And this shouldn't discount any female hypnotist who doesn't feel like being very social, or can't with a busy schedule, choosing not to disclose anything personal about herself, or those who would choose a label other than "hypnotic mistress," if a label at all. If they want to remain as private as possible despite putting them and what they do in the hypno-kink out there, I can totally understand. Subs outnumber hypnotist by a huge margin, and it only gets bigger with male subs and female hypnotists. So much attention spread across so many potential fans and subs, it's hard enough to keep track there. And I wish I could say that all subs out there were savory and exactly as a femdom hypnotists would want, but that's not the case all the time. Even believing that most of our community, for example, is very welcoming, polite, and making us as a whole collectively wonderful, there have been cases that will give legitimate pause for putting oneself out there.

    So it's probably best to stop rambling and to emphasize the overall point: if and when a lady happens to engage in conversation, or share something she didn't have to, enjoy the fact that she's trusted you with it, enjoy the important intimacy of being able to share more than just a kink or one fascination you two have, respect it and her as she has respected you, and relish the fact that it takes a great, strong, intelligent unique, a.k.a. amazing person to be someone in control of your mind.