No apps required

  • In my opinion, to meditate one must be free of distraction and anything electronic fits this description with the exception of earbuds or headphones.  Technology, by and large, has no place in meditation.  I also believe that you should not have to purchase an app to successfully meditate.

    Meditation does not require you to “empty” your mind and, in fact, that is an impossibility.  Meditation simply requires that your body be still and that there should be no distraction (electronic devices) while you meditate.

    I see meditation as an exercise.  Sitting quietly, wherever that may be, focusing on now.  Being in the moment.  Sitting.  Being quiet.  Just being.  Whenever your mind is pulled in a different direction, go with it.  Acknowledge it.  Then, let it pass.  After which you redirect your focus back to now.  This exercise will need to be done many, many times even during one session.  However, the more you practice it, the better at it you will become.

    You can use music, the sounds of nature, ocean waves, rain or a babbling brook to help keep you focused.  You may also use the aid of a voice.  A voice guided meditation will help to keep you focused and bring you back to now.

    Meditation often means reflection, contemplation, retrospection.  A quiet time to think with focused attention.  Is there an app for that, too?

    I practice meditation.  It took me 3 years to successfully meditate.  I now meditate up to 4 times a day and one of those times is out-of-doors.  It has changed my life.  It is a practice.  I practice.  No apps required.

    Let me meditate with you as your guide for 21 consecutive days.  We will begin with 10 minutes a day for the first week.  I will show you that meditation will change your life.  No apps required.

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