I Finally Did It!

  • So, I did it! I had been debating for a while. And I decided to take the plunge!

    I’ve started selling Files, and Hypnosis Sessions, on NiteFlirt.

    At the moment I have 4 Files. 

    1. An update version of Pure Relaxation, which includes music by @sabasora, and which makes you have no desire to move.

    2. Yes, Miss Sweet: A file in which the induction is a Yes Set. And I slowly give you more and more pleasure from saying, Yes, Miss Sweet, until it becomes the only words you can say. Installs a Yes, Miss Sweet Trigger.

    3. Hot Tub: This file brings you down into a hot tub with me, and you slowly give into the power of the hot tub. Has an after effect of being loose and limp until the end of the file. 

    4. Well of Fantasies: In this file I bring you down into a Well of your hot, hypnotic, arousing fantasies. And then, I have you share some of them with me. There is a suggestion that if you want a reply, you will include tribute, however it stresses that’s only if you want a reply. 

    If any of these files sound up your alley, or you’d like to buy a hypnosis session with me, here is where you can do that. 

    I hope you all enjoy!


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