The Hypnotic Succubus

  • The darkness of the night seemed to wrap around John like a comforting blanket. He loved the feel of his bed sheets against his skin and he always found himself looking forward to this time of day, when it was just him and nothing else. But tonight was different; there was something in the air that made him sense a presence in his room.

    He slowly opened his eyes and saw her standing at the foot of his bed - an alluring figure with long red hair cascading down her back, full lips that were slightly parted as she smiled knowingly. She had breasts so large they almost spilled out of her revealing dress, and despite not being able to take his eyes off them he felt drawn instead towards something far more powerful...her mesmerizing gaze.

    Before he knew it, John felt himself falling under her spell – unable to resist whatever power she held over him. His body felt hot and heavy as if paralyzed by desire for this mysterious woman who had suddenly appeared before him. She moved closer until she stood directly in front of him, then bent down to whisper softly into his ear: “Give me what I want..”

    John awoke with a start from what must have been some kind of trance-like state induced by this beautiful creature who had come into his bedroom through the window at night and seduced him into giving up everything he could offer: including but not limited to every ounce of energy within him--his very essence taken willingly without question or protest till all that remained was submission....and a deep longing for only one thing: Her touch again soonest possible…