School For Slaves

  • Are you ready for real slave training?  As a submissive male, face the truth… you’ve been fantasizing about your submissive nature for way too long.  You have an inner yearning to experience REAL servitude and submission.  Something led you to My slave training school and now you are curious as to know how it works… well let me enlighten you:

    Firstly, I am Goddess Saffron.  I will be your Goddess and Instructor throughout your slave training.  The purpose of My slave training school is to enslave you.  Don’t be afraid – I promise that the experience will be both fun and fulfilling and that you will become happier, healthier and more complete than you have ever been before.

    My interactive school for slaves is designed to lead you in preparation of becoming one of My REAL slaves.

    You need to understand that this is not a game.  I’m not enslaving you for the fun of it.  This is real slave training.


    The Slave Training Courses

    I have created two slave training courses – Beginner Slave Training and Intermediate Slave Training. Throughout your slave training you will be conditioned, re-programmed and brainwashed.  It will be challenging – but so worthwhile.  With your utmost efforts you will become truly enslaved and obedient much faster than you think.  If you resist and fight against it with all your will, you will only delay your true calling.

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